Prepare for the ultimate kitchen revamp

TREND Transformations Maidstone has been remodelling kitchens for many years, so we know what it takes to get your kitchen looking at its best. We have purposely fashioned solutions for all areas of the kitchen so that we’re a true one-stop-shop for kitchen makeovers.

You will find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of choice there is in terms of styles and colours. Factor in that we’re also capable of incorporating waterfall ends into our work surfaces, you couldn’t wish for so many options.

When done successfully, a kitchen makeover could significantly improve the resale value of your property.

  • Add more edge to your kitchen

    You won’t believe the amazing slenderness of our worktops. However, it is possible to make them thicker should your kitchen require replacement work surfaces that have a chunkiness to them.

  • The lightest worktops imaginable

    It is entirely understandable for you to expect our worktops to be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. They aren’t like that at all though as they’re very lightweight, which makes installing them so simple.

    Typically, it will take less than 24 hours for TREND Transformations Maidstone to install your new worktops.

  • Worktops that perform reliably

    Fantastic all-round performance is a certainty as we incorporate a high-grade polyester into our worktops so that they remain strong and durable. This enables them to withstand the wear and tear that so often gets the better of conventional work surfaces.

    Because we know that outstanding performance is a given, we supply customers with a Limited Lifetime Warranty once a purchase has been made.