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TREND Transformations Perth - Kitchen Remodelling Construction

Kitchen Remodelling

The kitchen has become an increasingly important part of the house for many UK families; no longer is it just reserved for cooking and dining. It’s also a place for general socialising away from the traditional living space and should be suitably styled so that all of these pursuits can be enjoyed in the utmost luxury. Read more

TREND Transformations Perth - Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom Remodelling

A beautiful bathroom is a necessity if you expect to be able to switch off and relax in its confines. It helps when you have lavish worktops implemented in all those essential areas of the bathroom that you know will endure hot and humid conditions. We have also ensured our bathroom worktops are fully water-resistant. Read more

TREND Transformations Perth - Commercial Space Reimagined

Commercial Space Reimagined

Keep one step ahead of your business competitors and have your commercial premises remodelled professionally via TREND Transformations Maidstone. A stylish office could have some influence on whether prospective clients and customers decide to do business with you. Read more

TREND Transformations Perth - Eco-Friendly Construction

Eco-Friendly Construction

Remodelling an old kitchen or bathroom should cause minimal damage to the environment in our eyes. The entire product range at TREND Transformations Maidstone has been developed with the environment in mind and we can fit everything without demolishing so that little waste is sent to landfill. Read more